35F Intelligence Analysis Course Curriculum


Fort Huachacha is the Army installation responsible for delivering the US Army’s 35F Intelligence Analyst Advanced Individual Training (AIT) course. This course takes place over 10 weeks and teaches the Intelligence Analyst the core skills they need to be an effective intelligence analyst.

The Individual Student Assessment Plan (ISAP) describes the elements required to graduate the 35F Course.

Module A

Research, Writing and Briefing

  • Prepare a written paper
  • Prepare a slide presentation
  • Deliver an oral briefing

Module B (Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield [IPB])

IPB 1: Describe the Operational Characteristics of the Environment

  • Depict the Area of Operations (AO), Area of Influence (AI), and AOI (Area of Interest)
  • Determine gaps and discrepancies, and create Requests for Information (RFI)

IPB 2: Describe Environmental Effects on Operations

  • Determine effects from weather on Operational Environment (OE)
  • Build MCOO (Modified Combined Obstacle Overlay)
  • Draft paragraph 2 of the Intelligence Estimate

IPB 3: Analyze Threat Model Elements/Distinguish Targets

  • Develop Battalion Adversary Threat Model
  • Identify and Develop TIP (Target Intelligence Package) on HVI (High Value Individuals)
  • Draft paragraph 3-4 of the Intelligence Estimate

IPB 4: Determine Threat Courses of Action (COA)

  • Identify, evaluate and prioritize Threat Courses of Action
  • Develop Situation Templates, Event Template, and Event Matrix
  • Draft paragraph 5 of the Intelligence Estimate

Module C – Capstone (Field Training Exercise)

  1. Actively participate as an Intelligence Analyst in a TOC (Threat Operations Center)
  2. Prepare Intelligence products for the duty position assigned
  3. Brief

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