IT0425, Introduction to Battlefield Technical Intelligence


IT0425, Introduction to Battlefield Technical Intelligence is a subcourse in the Advanced Intelligence Analyst Course. You can download it here, or see below for a brief summary of its contents. The course includes multiple choice exercises that have not been reproduced here.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe TECHINT, its mission, how it is organized, and its functions
  • Describe the elements of TECHINT and their responsibilities in reporting, handling, and exploiting TECHINT materiel.
  • Describe the objectives of TECHINT, how to report and tag captured equipment, and know TECHINT references and reports

Understanding TECHINT

  • Technical Intelligence is made up of two components: Scientific and Technical Intelligence (S&TI) which supports strategic goals, and Battlefield TECHINT which support tactical goals
  • TECHINT is the result of  collecting, analyzing and processing information on foreign material and its operational capabilities
  • It is also the result of studying the performance of foreign material and its operational capabilities
  • TECHINT can include study of weapon systems, equipment, apparatus, documents, and supplies of a foreign military force or nonmilitary organization


  • TECHINT collection usually starts with one conscientious soldier finding something new or unusual on the battlefield and taking the proper steps to report it.
  • Succeeding higher levels then exploit the information or item until they produce a countermeasure to neutralize the enemy’s technological advantage
  • Organizations involved in TECHINT include:
    • Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
    • Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center (AFMIC)
    • Air Force Foreign Technology Division (FTD)
    • Naval Technical Intelligence Center (NTIC)
    • Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (ODCSINT)
    • Army Intelligence Agency (AIA)
    • Army Materiel Command (AMC)
    • Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM)

Battlefield TECHINT Responsibilities

  • Any unit on the battlefield could capture or discover items of interest to the CMEC. Therefore, all units must make provisions for handling captured equipment just as they must do to prepare for handling surrendering enemy soldiers
  • SOF frequently encounter TECHINT and take advantage of TECHINT analysis countermeasures
  • PSYOP units, have traditionally used tricks, ruses and ploys to acquire TECHINT related enemy materiel of interest to the commander. Example includes giving bounties for the capture of jet aircraft in Korea

Objectives of TECHINT

  • Basic Objectives
    • Determination of foreign technological capabilities
    • Development of countermeasures
    • Exploitation of new ideas
    • Use of foreign equipment
  • Countertactics and counterweapons
  • Learning the capabilities, limitations and vulnerabilities of foreign equipment is one of the objectives of TECHINT. To accomplish this objective, detailed information on the enemy’s equipment must be obtained and distributed
  • Production of TECHINT Reports
    • Spot Report (SPOTREP) in SALUTE format
      • 1 – Size or quantity of the item.
        2 – Activity reported or item captured.
        3 – Location of the item.
        4 – Unit or nationality of the item.
        5 – Time of report.
        6 – Equipment: The items description and other items or personnel captured at the same time.
    • Preliminary Technical Report (PRETECHREP)
      • Contains a general description of the equipment
      • Alerts tactical units to significant technical information of immediate tactical importance
      • Can also be used by the TECHINT teams for reporting inventories at collection points through intelligence channels so that location, quantities, and type of equipment can be monitored
    • Complementary Technical Report (COMTECREP)
      • Supplements information given in the PRETECHREP
    • Detailed Technical Report (DETECHREP)
      • Report has no specified format
    • Technical Document Report (TECHDOCREP)
    • Special Technical Report
      • Used by the EACIC (Echelons above Corps Intelligence Center) to provide input to studies and plans for the G2 (division intelligence)
        It contains special information on items of significant intelligence interest. No format is prescribed; the
        content is governed by the nature of the TECHINT desired by EACIC.


IT0425, Introduction to Battlefield Technical Intelligence. (1998) US Army.

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