Sending Anonymous Emails


Sometimes it can be useful to send emails that are anonymous. This can be because you need to communicate information in an emergency without it being traced back to you, or for a variety of other reasons.

It is important to ensure that anonymous emails are sent for good reasons only – and not to spread hatred or dissent. Stand behind your writing.

Sending encrypted emails is a different subject. Those emails are prevented from being opened by anyone without the right access but your identity is shared. In the case of anonymous emails there is no identifying information transmitted with them.


Tails is an operating system that is designed for privacy purposes. It can be run from a CD/DVD drive, or booted from a USB stick.  The web browser uses the encrypted technology Tor. Once you have Tails downloaded and run, you can create a free email account such as one at Hotmail or Gmail with made-up details and there would be no way to trace your anonymity.

Instant Messaging

If, like Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning you are communicating with individuals through an instant messaging platform like AIM, Google Talk, or IRC – then the Pidgin app included in the Tails installation will allow you to do so.

Pidgin is described as “a chat program which lets you log in to accounts on multiple chat networks simultaneously. This means that you can be chatting with friends on MSN, talking to a friend on Google Talk, and sitting in a Yahoo chat room all at the same time.”

Because Tails encrypts your internet communication you can create an account on say, Google Talk and use it for encrypted Google Talk chatting with an important source

Other Anonymous Email Servers

Websites like allow you to send a simple anonymous email via a web interface. That combined with Tails will allow you to send a simple communication without attachment to the address that you specify.

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